Why girls play hard-to-get when dating

Playing hard-to-get is not a dating method, relationship strategy, or friendship zoning. This mind game is like a tease, but playing hard-to-get is alright.

So, you’re a guy, and you’ve been on a few dates with this gal, but now you want to take things to the next level. There’s only one problem, as the girl is acting like she doesn’t care and isn’t interested in being your Cairns escorts

You do need to know the reasons why girls play hard-to-get when dating:

She Wants To Be Pursued

The chase shows that you’re interested in her, and it makes her feel special. The more effort you put into your pursuit of her, the more she will appreciate it. This is especially true if she feels like all of your other options are easier than having to go after her.

This teasing game also demonstrates confidence. If you were just some player who would go after anyone who showed interest, it would make her look like an easy target. Then why would you want to make time for someone like that?

But most importantly that playing hard-to-get shows that she is not just another gal looking for a hookup.  

She Wants To Be Validated

When a woman plays hard-to-get, she’s not necessarily trying to make you chase her around. She might just be looking for validation. 

Playing hard-to-get has nothing to do with being difficult but rather, it’s an attempt at validation. She might be thinking that if he really wants me then maybe he’ll work harder at courting. 

Women want to know that they have value and worth as human beings. They want to feel attractive and wanted by men who find them attractive. When you pursue her despite her attempts at being elusive or uninterested, it shows that you think she is special enough that you would go through all the trouble of trying to get her attention even when she acts like she doesn’t care. 

Sexy blonde woman with tattoo on leg.

She Wants To Feel Desirable

If a guy is interested in a girl, then he should pursue her. It’s flattering when someone shows interest in her beauty or charm, or whatever else it is about the girl that makes him want to be around. 

This tells her that there are other qualities about herself besides beauty which makes her desirable. like intelligence or personality traits. and this will make any woman feel good about herself. 

She Is Looking For A Challenge

The playing hard-to-get is a negotiating tactic and not an attempt at manipulation, so don’t take it personally if she doesn’t call back right away or doesn’t respond immediately after you text her. 

Your best bet is simply to wait until she makes the next move before reaching out again yourself. Otherwise, you run the risk of coming across as needy or desperate, which will only make her less interested in pursuing anything with you in the future. 

In Conclusion 

When you understand why girls play hard-to-get, it becomes easier for you to manage your time with them. Don’t take it personally. Girls are just as nervous about dating as guys are, so they can get caught up in the same kind of awkwardness.